Mission Statement

Maintaining mutually favorable client relationships.

Delivering the highest quality goods and services required for each project no matter how large or small.

Providing design service which include originality, variety and adherence to an agreed upon budget

Offering assistance through qualified leadership and experience

About Us

Selective Living was founded in 1983 on Long Island New York in the town of Islip. Our team shares a strong work ethic, and a high commitment top quality workmanship. Producing some of the finest cabinetry in America, Selective Living incorporates the latest woodworking technologies and materials into every new design. Our small and focused staff, keep personalized customer services at the forefront of each project

At Selective Living, Eddie and Brian Smith are intuitive self learners, capable of accomplishing any task associated with a project. Always seeking to better serve your needs, Selective Living does more than just millwork. When you commit your project with us, you also get knowledgeable technical advisers, planners, and leaders. We are aggressive, fast paced individuals with a strong need to improve on everything. We look forward to a challenge whether it is coming up with new ideas, troubleshooting an individual problem or working with a team to meet a deadline.